Atlanta T1 lines are available all over North Georgia from your Atlanta T1 provider!

Atlanta T1 Internet Provider

As Low As $300/month!

Looking for a dedicated Internet T1 for your Atlanta, GA business?  We can help!  We provide the best T1 in Atlanta at a low price.

Internet T1's are not all created equal.  A full T1 is 1.544Mbps line rate, but some providers sell fractional T1's which are slower.  We provision our Atlanta T1's as a full dedicated T1 with the best connectivity around.  With over 40 connected peers and transit links, we have the lowest latency and most redundant connections to maximize reliability.  We monitor and manage the connection.  And we provide our tech support from right here in metro-Atlanta.

T1 Atlanta GA provisions circuits that are optimized for voice and data.  With our managed T1 service, we can optimize your circuit for the type of traffic you need prioritized, such as voice, VOIP, teleconference, video conference, security cameras, etc.

How much speed do you need? A T1 transfers roughly 650MB per hour.  That is about the content of a full CD.  So, instead of shipping a CD full of images, program code, or other data via FedEx overnight, you can get it there in an hour.  The value of a T1 is primarily in it's ability to transfer outbound.  Some DSL circuits are faster for downloading, but their upload speeds are slow.  If you need to upload files from your office to somewhere else on the network, a T1 is vastly superior.

Your T1 Atlanta is dedicated bandwidth.  It is all yours.  Your speeds are not affected by other businesses or kids' playing games.  So, it is perfect for services you count on, like voice, video surveillance, etc.

We can have a new T1 to your office up and running in about 2 weeks.

And we monitor the connection as well as providing and maintaining a T1 Router.

This site is meant to focus on Atlanta T1 service.  Services are offered and supported by Net2Atlanta, a local ISP based in Marietta near the Big Chicken.  You won't speak to any overseas support people.  Homegrown Georgia folks will provide all technical and sales support for your Atlanta T1.

Click here for the best Atlanta T1.  You can count on local support from right here in Georgia.  Reliability is maximized through 24/7 proactive monitoring.  And the connectivity is superb!  Enjoy a low latency voice optimized T1 for use with a voice provider of your choice.

Contact us now for a full Internet business T1 in Atlanta as low as $300 per month. 

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